Hard Sex Return of a Red-Haired Vixen

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Remember the ’80s show That’s Incredible! with Cathy Lee Crosby? This story is incredible, too.

SCORE editors may have only graduated from SCORE Medical University with mail-order degrees, but it’s obvious why Desiree feels tightness around her chest and goes to the doctor. Her bra is too small! This is the number one situation with busty women. They should get sized for bras by a pro. Many stores offer free bust-measuring service. I tried to get this kind of job part-time myself, but every manager is hip to me. They want middle-aged ladies doing the honors.

The medic tells Desiree to remove her top so he can give her a boob exam. Desiree gets off the exam table to remove her tight top and 32DDD-cup bra. Her mini-skirt rides up when she does. Why didn’t I go to medical school? On second thought, I’d probably have gotten in trouble.

Desiree debuted in September ’01 Voluptuous magazine. She had been on vacation, hanging out with some girlfriends in sunny Pompano Beach, Florida, when Peter, one of our staff photographers, spotted her and chatted her up. She decided to take him up on his offer to pose and went to his studio a few days later. And that was it.

Desiree went home after her vacation and her one and only pictorial and was never heard from again until nine years later! She contacted us through BeASCOREModel.com and sent in some current photos. I did a double-take when the studio rep sent them to me. Nine years? She looks hotter and bustier than before.

Not only were the odds of this happening slim, but what were the odds that Desiree would have this breast growth spurt, would think of posing again, remember us, and would even agree to do hardcore? Anal in another scene also? And she had no one cock-blocking her, like a husband, a family member or a jealous boyfriend? What were the odds that she hadn’t become a mom with two kids hanging onto her apron? The odds were astronomical! Trust me, I know!

“I was engaged once, but the minute he put that ring on my finger, he wanted to dictate what I wore and where I went,” Desiree said. “He didn’t want me to wear tank tops. I couldn’t wear anything tight. So, I decided to say no to that. I can’t be tied down.

“I would meet guys and try to get a lot of sex, but a lot of guys can’t keep up with me. They cum too fast, or they don’t want to have sex when I do. It was no fun for me. I had never considered being photographed having sex before this, but when I got the invitation after deciding to try modeling again, I decided to do it right away.”

I would love to see this Desiree comeback scenario repeated many times, but I’m enough of a realist to know that models coming back after nine years is rare. I have a list of former models who should emulate Desiree. But you can’t plan these things. It’s in the hands of the gods.


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