Candy strokes it properly

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Candy Manson hopped off of a bicycle and into our lives. When this dancer from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois rode a bike, spread out a blanket, took off her short shorts and skimpy, white top and showed off her tits and sexy body for
a photo set, we had a feeling that her first hardcore scenes wouldn’t be far off.

“I always knew I wanted to do it, and it was just a matter of time,” she said. “After the photo shoots, I went back and forth to L.A. a few times because I was shooting, and I started spending so much time out there that it was pointless to stay in Chicago. I love having sex with boys with big cocks, and being in porn gives me the chance to have all the sex I want with boys with big cocks.”

And she got them. Lots of them.

One of my favorite moments in my interview with Candy was when she talked about her parents. Yeah, her parents. Sorry. I led her down that road. I couldn’t help it. You see, I asked Candy about her upbringing, and she said it was “definitely conservative,” and then she said, “I drove my parents crazy when I was a kid. My mother and father are very, very old-school. They’re off the boat from Poland, so they’re set in their ways. Everything about me, everything I did growing up, was so shocking to them.”

So I asked, “What did you do that shocked them so much?”

And she said, “Everything. Even the stupid things like body piercing, different-colored hair. They kicked me out of the house a few times. For them it was like, ‘Oh, my god!’ because they’d never seen anything like that. And being out and partying and making out with boys and drinking drove them crazy. They couldn’t control me. Just typical high school stuff, but for them it was like, ‘What’s going on? What’s wrong with her?’ But I got all of that out of my system while I was young, so that’s why I’m tame now.”

Tame? Fucking on-camera is tame? Or, as I put it, “A tame girl who does porn and fucks guys with big cocks on video and shows off her tits and pussy in men’s magazines is tame?”

And she said, “Liking sex has nothing to do with being tame. I mean, most people like sex, right? Although I guess most people don’t do porn.”

Candy does. In this scene, she jacks a guy off. Not tame at all. I’m sure her parents would not approve.


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