Short ‘n’ stacked workout with Tatiana Blair

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Do you love ’em short ‘n’ stacked? I do. I love ’em short ‘n’ stacked with cute faces and babydoll voices and gigantic naturals that overflow their ribcages. That’s why I love Tatiana Blair.

I also love that she’s a fuck bunny, as she exhibits in this scene. Tatiana has gone to a personal trainer, and he puts her through a rigorous workout that makes her tits pop out of her sports bra. The trainer, who’s a real boob hound, says, “You can leave them out.” And what does Tatiana do? She leaves them out! That’s the fantasy, men! She leaves them out. And then he offers to support her tits. And then she slobbers all over his cock, and before we know it, this sweet, young, college co-ed–who stands only 4’10” tall but fills the room with her G-cup naturals–is fucking like a porn star. You gotta love that!

Tatiana once told us a story that I can really relate to.

“This one time,” she said, “I was with my dad at Wal-mart, and this old guy was following us around, trying to get a better look at my boobs.”

Timeout! I’d just like to point out to her that the old guy was not me. For the record, I have never been to a Wal-mart in California, where Tatiana lives, or anywhere else. Anyway…

“And my Dad, who is a pastor, actually, got into a fight and hit this guy in the face. It was crazy.”

Man, that hurt…I mean must’ve hurt!

Anyway, enjoy Tatiana’s workout. I’m sure you’re going to be working out a muscle of your own.


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