Annina is ass-fucked in the Bahamas

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“I think an orgasm is a little more intense in my ass,” German busen wonder Annina told us when we first met her. “Stronger, more powerful. I first started having anal sex when I was 18 years old. I like it all the time.”

Here, Annina takes JMac’s huge cock up her tight ass in a scene that was shot in the Bahamas. Why the Bahamas? Because Annina has a German passport and U.S. restrictions wouldn’t allow us to shoot her doing hardcore on American soil. So, because we’re good boys and like to follow the rules–especially when doing the opposite could land us in the slammer–we took Annina and JMac to the Bahamas. Diesel joined us there, too. He also banged Annina. She’s fun for all!

In these photos and the video, you’ll notice how much Annina enjoys getting ass-banged. Getting ass-fucked was a part of her personal life and her porno life. It still might be a part of her personal life; I don’t know. Sadly, she’s retired from porn. In my opinion, she should’ve been a lifer.

We once asked Annina, “What’s the best way to satisfy you sexually?” And she said, “Sex with two males at the same time. One in my vagina and the other in my ass. A sandwich. I love this. Sometimes I want three guys, one for my mouth, one for my pussy, and one in my ass!”

Annina was a big deal in Germany for a long time. She was the real-estate agent who got fired because her boobs were too big, at least in the opinion of her idiot boss. So, with selling houses no longer an option, Annina got into porn. She contacted right about the time we were going to reach out to her. The rest is jacking history.

In addition to gifting us with some red-hot videos, Annina was also among the judging crew that gave us Sandra Star. I would’ve given good money to see those two busty German sluts in a scene together.

That’ll never happen. But at least we have the Bahamas. As for Annina, last we heard, she married well and exited porn.


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