Dream Housewife Victoria Lobov

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That’s exactly what Victoria Lobov is for one lucky SCORE Man who married her. He encouraged Victoria to model and contact us.

While he’s watching one of her SCORE videos (“Sex With A Stranger”) and jacking in his home office, his hot wife is dusting. Naturally, his WILF is wearing a sexy outfit. She sees what he’s doing and takes matters in hand…matters like his cock. A dutiful wife, Victoria won’t let him get off by himself when she can throat his cock and fuck him. This scene is extra-horny because it has a reality look.

When I first saw this video, I wrote, “Victoria asks in her sweet, wifey voice, ‘What are you doing?’ even though she sees what he’s doing. While we’ve never asked Victoria, she’s most likely flattered that her hubby finds tremendous inspiration in her videos and pictures. She interrupts her housekeeping and his video-viewing for a sucking and fucking break. WILFs don’t come any hotter and sexier than Victoria. Tony is like a kid in a candy store and the eye-candy is his hot wife.”

This video may seem unlikely, but I once knew a dancer who lived with a boyfriend. She told me one night that she caught him jerking off to her magazine photos which puzzled her because he didn’t fuck her, unlike Tony here. I never understood it because she had a smoking-hot body and big tits, but I’m no relationship adviser.


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