Jordan Pryce Puts Ass Up for Anal

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As I’ve stated over the years, when a girl is standing or on her back and she can’t see her feet because her tits block her view, she’s the kind of girl SCORE was created for.

Stanley Johnson arrives at Jordan Pryce’s place for a gym date. She wants to show him the pink Latex dress she’s squeezed into. There will be no gym date. She basically pulls a rack attack on Stanley, and when they get hot and heavy, she begs him to fuck her asshole.

Jordan’s giant tits have made her famous in European and British porn, with well over 100 XXX scenes and counting. She has a baby doll voice and a pouty look that I like.

“I like muscle guys with big dicks,” Jordan said. This should not be a surprise. “I like to see men looking at my boobs. They just love them. So that is why I like to wear sexy dresses that show them off. No one has ever told me to cover them.

“One of the funniest things a man said to me was ‘You’ve got big boobs. Let’s have sex.’ Of course, it worked! It was funny because I have big boobs but he didn’t have a big cock. Still, it was fun. A man does not have to have a big cock to satisfy me, but if he does have a big cock, I can be happy with that, too.”


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