The Analysis Of Skye

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The lens travels up from her chest to her mouth and to her eyes.

You hear her voice. “Skye Fucking Sinn.” And then, “I want a cock in my ass.”

That’s Skye Sinn’s way of introducing herself. And that’s all she needs to say as a greeting.

“My tight, wet ass. For the first time. I wanna feel my asshole getting bigger and bigger. I wanna feel every inch of it. All the way in my tight ass.”

Skye gets on the floor on all fours. Her succulent body is throwing off enough heat to boil water. She needs the hose to cool her down. Enter the ass-man who pulls up her mini-dress and slaps that big, round, sexy butt. Spanks it hard and makes Skye moan.

She gets on her back so he can feast on her ripe, heavy melons and when he’s had his fill of titty and nipple, it’s time to fuck those beauties. Skye and girls like Skye attract dicks to their cleavage like bees to flowers.


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