Bouncy Bra-buster Natasha Sweet Wants a Hard Ride Right Now

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The amazing Natasha Sweet strolls into the living room to show Steve Q. her sexy new outfit. She can’t wear it in public, though. And when you see the huge-breasted doll wearing it, you’ll know why. Natasha comes behind Steve who’s relaxing on the couch and gives him a shoulder rub. He would rather rub, suck and fuck Natasha’s heavy tits.

Natasha deep-throats Steve, and between her skilled tit-fucking and her talented blow job, she makes him as hard as a steel pole. This is one whole lotta woman. You’d never leave the house with Natasha at arm’s length.

Preparing Natasha for a deep pussy fucking, Steve licks her out and makes her wet and juicy for his cock-plunging. He fucks her tits again, this time from behind her, and tea bags her open, hungry mouth. Natasha gets ass-up, face down for a doggie-dicking then climbs on top of him for a ride. Finally, she offers her giant bazooms for a load of squirt she can rub into her skin like breast cream, and he’s happy to oblige.


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