Kiki True Goes Deep Down

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Nade is reading in the bedroom when Kiki True comes in and asks him what dress he likes best. Is it the shape-clinging red dress she’s wearing or the silver dress in her hand? As soon as Nade looks up, he gets hands-on, fondling her huge tits. He likes Kiki bare best of all and whips off his clothes. While he lies back, Kiki trains her talented mouth on his cock, sucking him off and sucking his balls.

He stands on the bed, lining up his cock with her pretty face. Kiki takes off her bra and resumes her sucking and licking. Oral sex is only one of her many mad sex skills. He places his dick between her heavy boobs and watches Kiki squeeze it between her fleshy mounds and suck the tip. She strips off her dress and has Nade take off her thong panties. Getting on her knees, her plush ass facing him, Kiki is prepared for a deep dick-down from behind.

Kiki’s a vixen who can take a hard pounding. She squats on his pole with her back to him, gets fucked sideways, rides him cowgirl and gets her pussy filled in missionary. Kneeling on the bed and squeezing her nipples and tits, Kiki looks at Nade with her big eyes and an outstretched tongue for a squirt of cum. Nade jacks off, spraying her face. Kiki tongues his cock clean of all the extra cum and licks the remaining cum off her tits. She swallows every drop like the good girl she is.


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