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Sexy and busty Analee Sands is a professional belly dancer.

Analee tells us she is going to dance for us and demonstrate her hip-shaking, belly undulating, tit-quivering and ass-swivelling talents. She is dressed in a traditional belly dancing costume and head gear and seems to be from another time, another world…so exotic does she look.

Analee is a horny man’s dream in her costume as her hips vibrate to the Middle Eastern music. While she dances, Jack gets up and embraces her from behind, carefully removing her top and bottom. He feels up every inch of her soft body and brings her over to the couch where he lays her down. He sucks her tits and feels up her velvety skin.

Analee removes his jeans and gets on her knees to take his hard-on in her mouth and suck on it in worship. She lays on her back so he can slide his dick between her 38F-cups. Analee touches her tits and his poker while he fucks her valley of boob-meat. She gets up and sits on him in reverse cowgirl so we can see her enormous tits bounce and shake while she dances on his fuck-stick.


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