Ready for Your Sponge Bath?

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Destiny Rose is a redhaired dancer from Ohio. One of the many props Destiny inspired from fans was “Great figure and great poses. I just love these Midwestern girls.”

It took about a year, but ultimately Destiny decided to try hardcore, proving that patience is more than a virtue and that everything cums to he who waits, especially if you’re waiting for sexy redheads.

As things turned out, Destiny really took to the action and proved to be an awesome booby call. She turned out to be very vocal in the heat of the ride, saying things like “Cum on my fucking face!” and “Fuck my little pussy!” Wow! The girl just plain loves sex and hard wood. She’s the real deal. But we felt that she would be.

“Ready For Your Sponge Bath?” Sounds like a nurse adventure? Destiny is bustin’ out of her angel of mercy uniform to heal this malingering goldbricker with her skilled tongue, lips, tits and pussy-hole. Does he know how lucky he is?

But first, Destiny begins her therapy with a sponge bath to get her patient’s meat thermometer squeaky clean, just the way a nurse likes ’em. Every man needs a big-tit nurse like Destiny Rose to drain every drop of his cum with her huge tits. When she gets tired of dancing and nude modeling, a career as a nurse is our recommendation.


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