Mom Screwed By College Roommate Of Her Son

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This SCORE classic is one of big-boobed, gorgeous MILF Vicky Vette’s earliest fuck scenes. She has the hots for her son’s college roommate. Within minutes, the roommate is going to have his Mrs. Robinson fantasy explode into reality. Except Vicky is much more beautiful than Mrs. Robinson, with a far better, hotter body.

This is a really great way to start off the semester. The rest of this lad’s time will be all downhill after Vicky leaves and he has to fuck the geeky girls in his dorm. As soon as her son leaves the room, Vicky goes for his friend’s dick, licking, jacking, tit-banging and sucking it.

After he licks Vicky’s mom-hole, they screw. Hard. Vicky climbs on top, her favorite position. She rides it like she’s at the rodeo. Later he slips his beef up Vicky’s tight asshole. Vicky says hot anal sex makes her orgasm. He pounds Vicky’s butt and she screams with every in-stroke. Vicky jerks his dick, instead of him jerking it, and he showers Vicky’s face with nut-sauce. This was the hottest fuck of his life. After getting his brains banged out by Vicky, this dude never did another porn scene.


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