Sex Fitness With Lucy

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Lucy of Poland is fitness training at home. It gives us the perfect reason to see her tits shake, jiggle and bounce. Her man has been standing off to the side and watching her. He grabs Lucy from behind and interrupts her exercises to squeeze and suck her tits. He is really into her. Having her nipples rubbed and sucked gets her sex juices boiling. She wants cock and this dude’s got a big one. It’s at attention before she pulls his pants down. They alternate between fucking her tits and fucking her mouth.

Lucy is very enthusiastic and worshipful of the cock. Her blowjob technique could use more guidance and training though, as she is mainly a head sucker. But to be fair, Lucy has a small mouth and Neeo’s dick is very big. He throws her on the bed and lubes her pussy with his mouth so it will be wet for his hot beef injection. He plunges into her with fast, short strokes. Once she is opened up, he swaps to side-saddle and fucks her deeper.

By the time they switch to reverse cowgirl and doggie-style, she’s getting it deep in her cunt with ramming speed. If Lucy gets fucked like this regularly, she must be a contented girl. Neeo straddles Lucy and beats off furiously while she squeezes his large nut-bag until he ejects his payload on her tits as she watches intensely.


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