A Craving for a Shaving Legs

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Tiffany is a long-legged, pretty blonde who likes the way it feels when her legs are touched and caressed. She likes to play with creams and oils and especially loves the way that shaving cream feels when she rubs it all over her stems.

“I often shave for my partners. Something about being wet in the tub and lathering my legs up while they watch excites me. And then there is the actual shaving. I think it’s the razor that adds a little bit of excitement to it. There is an element of danger and that makes me really horny. I never let my partners shave my legs for me. I enjoy letting them watch, but that’s it. Maybe once I start touching my pussy, then I will let them join in. But shaving is my little ritual, and a man who wants to be with me needs to just sit there, cock in hand, and watch me do it.”


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