Tigress On The Prowl

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“I am a woman with a hunger for passion and satisfaction,” says brunette stunner, Krista Kaslo. “Because I am sexually aggressive, I am like a tigress, stalking my next meal. That means that I don’t sit around and wait for the men I want to come to me. It means that I put on my shortest skirt and my highest stilettos and I go hunting for my prey. This time around, it just so happened to be one of our warehouse workers whom I’ve been watching for weeks.

“I’ve always had a fantasy about having sex in a grimy warehouse and this was the perfect opportunity to pounce. So, I gave him a good look at my long, naked legs and then my beautiful bare breasts, and when he fell for my wiles, I devoured him on the spot. His cock in my pussy and my feet in his mouth satiated my appetite…for now.”


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