Teaching the Carpet Cleaner a Lesson

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Angelina Castro has a dirty rug. Not like that! It’s an antique she inherited from her grandmother, and now it’s time for it to be professionally cleaned. Her friends all told her there was only one man for the job. “As long as he doesn’t get my rug even dirtier,” she thinks, “it’ll be better than I could do.” When he arrives she gives him the instructions but can’t shake the feeling that when she looks away he’s staring at her big, heaving tits, her supple ass and her shapely legs. “Oh well,” she thinks while sauntering off, “just another pervert.”

Ten minutes or so have passed and Angelina doesn’t hear any noise coming from the room. “I’m not paying if this lazy bastard isn’t working,” she thinks. When she opens the door she’s in for a big surprise. This asshole is wearing a pair of her favorite pantyhose! Her cheeks get red and she feels her body flush with anger. Then a second wave comes over her; she’s really turned on by this! “Well, if I’m paying him for his time he’ll have to do some extra work,” she decides. She drops to her knees and rips his cock out of its hiding place. She slurps him down until he’s rock-hard and ready to fuck…her feet. He slides all over her beautifully pedicured toes and soft, supple arches. Soon Ms. Castro can feel her pussy juice dripping down her legs. She smiles up at him. “Now I’m going to fuck his brains out until he can give my feet exactly what they need, a hot load of cum.”


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