Meet Real Bikini Buster Marie Leone

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Seeing ultra-voluptuous Marie Leone wearing a bikini is an eye-opener. Those big boobs are like man-magnets. Marie must own the beach when she spends a day there, her 34J-cup hooters basically spilling out of a bikini. After Marie enjoys skinny dipping in the pool, she heads back into the house for a relaxing rub-out, spanking her cares away.

Let’s talk about dating with Marie.

Marie, do you have sex on the first date?

“Well, I always have sex on the first date. Before anybody judges me, I would like to point out that I do not plan for it to happen. It just happens. So if anybody wants to have sex on the first date, go for it. It’s always smart to try something on before you get it. Well, that’s what my grandma always told me. But it is also smart sometimes to wait to see if the guy or girl is really the one you want to share yourself with.”

Marie’s watched her SCORELAND videos.

Yes, I saw them. Over and over again! My fiancĂ© and I watched them together while I went down on him.”


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