Tanya Virago Has Perfect Booty and the Breasts

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Steve Q. is in bed looking at his phone when statuesque Tanya Virago walks in and wants to know who he’s looking at. The person he’s looking at on his phone is…Tanya.

Tanya is one of those girls with the instinctive timing to walk into a guy’s bedroom just as he’s about to jack off. No door locks can stop them. Steve knows how to handle this kind of risky situation. He gets sexy Tanya on the bed so he can put a lip-lock on her enormous boobs, then slip his boner between her tits and deep into her asshole.

“I love my boobies,” Tanya told us. “I like to dress for my breasts. I don’t wear a bra most of the time.”

“Oh, my god, you are plastic. Fantastic!” a guy once said to her.

Even if Tanya wore clothing that concealed the size of her boobs, she would still catch a lot of eyes because she’s a striking-looking woman.


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